The Street Window, Notes On Solitude

(2017 - 2019)

The desire to be in a state of isolation, to be detached from our surroundings, in a place of our own, even when surrounded by other people. This series is an observation of people and places, those who manage to detach themselves from what surrounds them and inhabit a realm of their own and places that suggest or provoke feelings of solitude.

In his prose ‘The Street Window’ Franz Kafka writes: “ Whoever leads a solitary life, yet now and then wants to attach himself somewhere… He won’t be able to manage for long without a window looking out on to the street”

As much as this series an observation of foreign places is it is also a personal interpretation of the process of taking pictures as being a solitary act.

In her article ‘Loneliness Belongs to the Photographer’, Hanya Yanagihara describes it as being the loneliest of all professions “To be a photographer is to willingly enter the world of the lonely, because it is an artistic exercise in invisibility.”

In this virtual space of invisibility and loneliness, the photographer sees and resonates with strangers and places alike.

Yanagihara goes on to say: “if there is a cure for the invisibility of loneliness, it is this. It is why, depending on who you are, that click of the camera’s shutter is a sound that evokes either anxiety or relief. Click: I see you. Click: I see you. Click: I see you. You are not alone.”

35mm photographs shot between Turkey, Latvia and Germany.

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